Lettre de Saifoulaye Diallo à Tiala Gobaye. 1956

Lettre de Saifoulaye Diallo, député PDG-RDA  de la Guinée française à Paris, adressée à Tiala Gobaye Mountaye, instituteur à Koubia. 1956

Saifoulaye Diallo, député PDG-RDA, 1956-1958
Saifoulaye Diallo, député PDG-RDA, 1956-1958

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Saifoulaye Diallo’s letter to Tiala Gobaye Mountaye

Paris, March 14, 1956

Dear Gobaé

I acknowledge with great pleasure reception of your letter.
Your dynamism and the democratic sentiments you foster, confirm the notion that the RDA (Rassemblement démocratique africain) embodies all the strong energies of AOF (Afrique Occidentale Française) and AEF (Afrique Equatoriale Française).

I am currently on duty as the rotating secretary of the (RDA parliamentary) group, which means that I will be able to visit in a month time roughly. I will come to Koubia and we will have the opportunity to discuss face-to-face all the standing issues in Koubia, as well as in Gaoual and Youkounkoun.

Therefore, courage, and see you soon.



Translation: Tierno S. Bah