Predatory Investment in Africa’s Extractive Industries

J.R. Mailey. The Anatomy of the Resource Curse:
Predatory Investment in Africa’s Extractive Industries.
Washington, D.C. Africa Center for Strategic Studies. Special Report No. 3. May 2015

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The Africa Center is an academic institution established by the U.S. Department of Defense and funded by Congress for the study of security issues relating to Africa. It serves as a forum for bilateral and multilateral research, communication, and the exchange of ideas.

Table of Contents

Executive Summary
Part 1: Africa’s Natural Resource Challenge
Natural Resource Wealth and the Accountability Deficit

Part 2: Country Case Studies

Part 3: How Queensway Thrives

  • First Make Friends, Then Do Business: A Business Model Emerges
  • Queensway’s Relationship with Beijing: From Posing as Envoys to Posing with Envoys
  • Following the Money: Queensway’s Links to the International Financial System

Part 4: A Problem Bigger Than Queensway

Part 5: Recommendations

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