November 10, 1958


Art. 21.
The powers of the government of the Republic shall be exercised by the President of the Republic assisted by a Cabinet.

Art. 22.
The President of the Republic shall be elected for a term of seven years by universal suffrage with an absolute majority on the first ballot or a plurality on the second ballot. He may be reelected for a second term.

Art. 23.
The President of the Republic shall appoint the ministers by decree. No member of the Government may be arrested or pursued without the previous consent of the President of the Republic.

Art. 24.
In the exercise of their duties, the ministers shall be responsible for their actions to the President of the Republic who is responsible for the general policies of his cabinet to the National Assembly.

Art. 25.
The President of the Republic shall ensure the execution of all laws. He shall make appointments to all posts in the public administration and to all offices and functions of a military nature.

Art. 26.
Government acts shall be signed by the President of the Republic and countersigned by the ministers in charge of their execution.

Art. 27.
During his term of office no government member shall hold any other obligation, professional or private.

Art. 28.
In case of vacancy, the Cabinet shall remain in function to administer all current affairs until the election of a new Head of State.

Ministers may attend meetings of the National Assembly and of its committees. They shall be heard upon their request. They may be assisted or represented in the discussions before the National Assembly or its Committees by civil servants assigned for this purpose.

Art. 30.
In emergency cases the President of the Republic may delegate his powers to a minister.