State & Party Politics
The 1993 Presidential Election / IRI Report

IRI Statement On Guinea Presidential Election.

After examining the electoral environment in Guinea, the International Republican Institute (IRI) believes it will be extremely difficult to conduct a technically satisfactory Presidential election on 19 December.

There are two reasons why the IRI has reached this preliminary conclusion. First, with approximately two weeks until the election, it remains uncertain whether voter registration cards can be printed and delivered beforehand to eligible voters. This would effectively diminish the openness of this election.

Second, the members of the National Electoral Commission, which is charged with the "moral" responsibility to guarantee the transparency of the election, still have not been sworn in. To date, the commission has bean unable to play any meaningful role in the electoral process.

The IRI will continue to monitor this situation, and at a later date will determine the disposition of its observer mission.

Conakry, 3 December 1993

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